Luise Langheinrich

Business Administration Instructor,


Hello and welcome. I have to tell you that I believe very strongly in the importance of marketing no matter what discipline you are going into. What do I mean? If you are trying to get a job, you are marketing yourself to an employer. If you are working and dealing with customers you are using marketing by providing product and service to your customers. Marketing is a big part of your everyday life and most of the time you don't even realize it. You may have the financing and the operations taken care of but if you do not have the right product/service at the right price for your customers, you won't have a company for long. That is the power of marketing.

So who am I to have the audacity to say these things? Through what I have learned in my educational background, work background, and life experiences.

  • Phase One: Geology B.S. Worked in the petroleum industry as an exploration geologist.
  • Phase Two: MBA-Finance Worked in Aerospace as program manager--helping people do things in new ways.
  • Phase Three: Executive Director of environmental volunteer group, facilitator/mediator for developing solutions to environmental issues.
  • Present: Founder/President of Boulder Path Designs, an apparel design and manufacture company, also providing contract sewing services, located in The Dalles, Oregon.


University of Colorado

Master of Business Adminstration in Finance, 1985

University of Washington

Bachelor of Science in Geology, 1980