Faculty Inquiry Group


John Schoppert
Director of Library Services
jschoppert@cgcc.edu, (541) 506-6080

What is a Faculty Inquiry Group?

Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGS) is a professional development program in which a small group of faculty members (4 - 10 maximum) meet in person or online throughout the academic year/term to work together on a specific question, issue, or concern in their teaching and/or their students' learning. The goal is to effectively engage our students and enhance their learning experiences through reflective teaching practices.

Possible topics could be:

  • Learning styles and teaching styles
  • Collaborative/cooperative learning: theory and methods
  • Multiculturalism in the classroom
  • Strategies for teaching
  • Classroom techniques to promote critical thinking
  • Pathways: designs, models, approaches
  • Reading Apprenticeship
  • Strategies for serving underserved students

Why participate in Faculty Inquiry Groups?

  • Meet with colleagues to discuss and/or research a particular issue related to teaching your discipline
  • Meet with other interested colleagues for an informal discussion of teaching and learning
  • Collaborate with other faculty to research and discuss a specific topic or project that will have an impact on student learning
  • Learn and share ideas around a common theme or question in teaching and learning
  • Continue to develop professionally as a college teacher and faculty member

Guidelines of FIGs

  • Faculty participating in FIGs will each receive a stipend of $300
  • All faculty members are eligible to participate
  • FIGs should plan to meet in person or online at least five times
  • Each FIG must have a specific topic, issue, concern, question, or project that it will spend the term or year addressing
  • $500 of funding will be available to FIGs for support in researching topics: this could be materials, speakers, conferences, etc.
  • Each FIG will be asked to report on their findings at the CGCC Innovation Practices Reception