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May 23, 2018
Supporting Children's Social Emotional Development Birth-5: The Foundation

Secure attachments, positive relationships, brain development, milestones, social and emotional development. Explore these topics and more. 

May 24, 2018
Music and Its Effect on the Developing Brain

"The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Bingo", "Tommy Thumbs", songs that are familiar from our youth! We will discuss how music makes brain connections, creating new NEURAL (brain) pathways and linages to improve all brain functions. 

Jun 2, 2018
¡Relaciones y Guía de Disciplina Trabajando Juntas!

En este entrenamiento, los participantes serán capaces de analicar como las relaciones y la guía pueden trabajar juntas cuando se está tratando con un comportamiento difícil.

Jun 4, 2018
Overview for Family Child Care

Required three hour orientation to regulations, rules and application process for Family Child Care Registration with the Office of Child Care. 

Jun 6, 2018
T2T: Toddlers 2 Teens

We know that caring for children and coordinating a family is the most important and most difficult job in our lives. 

Jun 7, 2018
Apoyando el Desarrollo Social y Emocional del los Niños: El Fundamento

Apegos seguros, relaciones positivas, desarrollo del celebro, los hitos del desarrollo social y emocional. Explore estos temas y más en "El Fundamento."

Jan 17, 2018
Professional Improvement Group - P.I.G.

PIG offers the after hour opportunity for: Professional Development Advising, Individualized Support, Work Sessions, Oregon Registry Online Support, QRIS Support and CDA Support.

PIG ofrece la oportunidad después del horario regular para: Consejería del Desarrollo Professional, Apoyo Individual, Sesiones de Trabajo, Apoyo en el Registro de Oregon en Línea, Apoyo con Spark y con el CDA. 

Jun 21, 2018
Maximizing Learning Opportunities

Maximizing learning means begin prepared and integrating routines and transitions into your daily curriculum. 

Jun 27, 2018
DHS Provider Orientation

This class gives you information on DHS Child Care Programs. It helps you understand the listing and billing process. You will learn how to become eligible for the DHS Enhanced Rate.